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We can’t replace what you do. But we can complement it.

Whether you’re a concerned therapist, social worker, caregiver and family member, Hedonia puts the ability to provide help for your patient or loved one in the palm of your — and their — hand.

Our easy-to-use mobile app fully complements other mental - clinical treatments the patient may be receiving and provides ongoing support for depression and anxiety when you are not available. Our monitoring tool helps you track their progress and prevent potential relapses.

Fully Complementary

Facilitating Thought ProgressionTM complements other therapeutic approaches. Our app is not intended to replace existing treatments (or therapists, for that matter), but rather to enhance the quality of care you provide.

Ongoing Feedback

We will send snapshots of your patient's progress on a regular basis.

Resilience and Prevention

Games are engaging and support ongoing relief from symptoms to reduce the occurrence of relapse.

Ongoing Accessible Support

Our mobile games make your support available anywhere, anytime — 24/7. With Hedonia, effective care is available even when you’re not.


Hedonia’s new tool is more cost effective than traditional options.


FTP delivered via games is a revolutionary new approach that is more compatible with the way we live today.

Join our growing community of caregivers.

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