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Make a difference in the innovation of digital mental health.

We’re in the midst of developing a neuroscience-based digital therapeutic tool integrated into a mobile gaming solution that involves only 15 minutes of play every day.

The culmination of over two decades of research.

Our new groundbreaking mental therapeutic approach, FTP (Facilitating Thought Progression™), is based on over 20 years of research led by Prof. Moshe Bar, a world-renowned neuroscientist at Harvard Medical School. The FTP mental therapeutic method is intended to improve long-term mood by reconstructing the cortical infrastructure that has been diminished and rewired through chronic ruminations and inhibited thought patterns associated with depression and anxiety.

We are currently conducting clinical trials together with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), the leading institute for mental health in the USA, where positive indications of this novel intervention have been shown. As a caring therapist, you can’t always be around, that's a fact.

We want to help mental health professionals support their patients and provide the care they deserve, with no risks attached.

Our complementary mobile game can be played at the user's convenience, at home, or on the go, while sharing their performance, engagement, and ongoing state with their therapist.

We are inviting a limited number of mental health professionals (counselors, clinicians, therapists, LCSWs) to join us in our journey to develop this complementary solution to help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.

This exclusive group of professionals will be the first to gain access to try our groundbreaking digital tool with a few of their patients and to track data and progress via a dashboard. Your valuable feedback will help us reach a deeper understanding of the therapist-patient interaction with our digital device.

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