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Turn your daily game break into the best thing you can do for yourself.

Hedonia offers people looking for mental health care something totally revolutionary: A solution, via a prescription-free mobile gaming app that’s fun and easy to use and works alongside existing treatments.

In this game, your mood is the winner.

It’s an incredibly powerful tool that works when you play 15 minutes a day, 5 times a week – anytime, anywhere and with zero side effects. Bonus? It can be used alongside mental health treatments as it’s complementary to them.

A New Approach

It’s time to try something new: a scientific approach that has a unique way of helping to provide relief.

Always Accessible

Our mobile app is ready to help 24/7. Simply download the game from your favorite app store.

Resilience & Prevention

We are here in order to reduce relapse and to help bring long-lasting relief from symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Fun to use

Our therapeutic games are engaging — even fun!

No Side Effects

Feel like yourself but better.


Our tool costs significantly less than traditional options for ongoing care.


“Didn’t know what to think at first becauseI didn’t understand the point of these games, as they were so different than the other CBT programs I tried in the past. But after a while playing, I really started enjoying them and felt my mood elevated.”

Female, 38, Arizona

“I have started playing your game and I like the theme and the fact that it’s so engaging. My friend told me about the app and how it helped her. I am really interested to see how this can affect me in the future.”

Female, 58, Maine

“I have a been a beta tester for your game moodville, I really enjoyed playing and enjoyed wonderful benefits while using it. I told many people about it, including the staff that treat my depression at the clinic.”

Male, 38, Montana

“At the beginning I was skeptical, I’ve tried everything and anything, but I seriously think this may be helping me. Together with my medication and therapist, I really feel that with this game, I will be able to see better days.”

Female, 42, Minnesota

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