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Do you know the toll depression and anxiety are taking on your organization?

Around the world, 12 billion working days are lost every year to depression and anxiety. The cost? One trillion dollars. And the cost to those suffering is incalculable.

Hedonia has developed a revolutionary new clinically-proven non-drug mental health approach. Working with leading neuroscientists, we have created a digital therapeutic in the form of a mobile game that can help employers and health plans reduce costs, enhance productivity, and deliver real, potentially life-changing results.

$1 Trillion/year

Cost to the global economy by lost productivity due to anxiety and depression.


$2,650 /year

Cost per employee due to unexpected absenteeism. 



57 lost work days/year

While absenteeism costs companies about 4 days / year per employee, presenteeism results in approx. 57.5 days lost


Broad Accessibility

Our app can be easily downloaded from an app store to be played anytime, anywhere.

Engagement and Retention

Hedonia’s therapeutic games are fun to use, so engagement and retention rates are high, potentially leading to increased patient compliance and commitment to ongoing care.

Complementary to traditional treatments

Our app is designed to complement existing treatments, not replace them. It simply gives providers another tool in their treatment toolbox. However, Facilitating Thought Progression™ method may decrease dependency on other treatment options, thereby lowering costs.


Our mobile games make your support available anywhere, anytime — 24/7. With Hedonia, effective care is available even when you’re not.


Our treatment is priced competitively in comparison to other products and therapies that are currently available.

Insights and Monitoring

A HIPAA compliant dashboard gives providers access to real time data on their patients. Employers and payers have access to additional data to support their overall disease management programs.

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