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An entirely new tool in the care for depression and anxiety.

Our mission is to bring real relief from symptoms of depression and anxiety to as many people as possible through mobile games developed around Facilitating Thought ProgressionTM (FTP), a neuroscience-based research created by leading scientists.

The Hedonia story.

Prof. Moshe Bar had been at Harvard Medical School for many years, searching for new ways to treat the depression and anxiety so many of us suffer from. Over the course of a decade, he researched and developed FTP, an innovative new approach that proved to be effective.

Together with long-time friend and VC investor Adi Pundak-Mintz, they brought Dr. Bar’s research to Samuel Keret, a member of the Waze founding team who was looking to do something with a social impact, and an exciting new mental health treatment was born. With their wide varieties of expertise and experience, the three joined forces to form Hedonia.

Prof. Moshe Bar


The former Director of the Cognitive Neuroscience Lab at Harvard Medical School and an internationally renowned neuroscientist, Dr. Bar holds a PhD in cognitive neuroscience from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. He has received many awards and honors for his work, including the 21st Century Science Initiative Award from the McDonnell Foundation. Until recently he headed the Gonda Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center at Bar-Ilan University in Israel.

Samuel Keret


Samuel was a founding team member at Waze and its Chief Revenue Officer until 2021. He brings more than 25 years’ experience building successful tech and consumer apps from the ground up. Samuel and his team are dedicated to the transformation of mental illness treatment through digital therapeutics that provide accessible, affordable and effective therapy for all.

Adi Pundak-Mintz


Adi is a successful serial entrepreneur, angel investor and mentor who has repeatedly built strong teams around disruptive ideas. With over 20 exits to his credit, his experience in building scalable foundations to seed stage start-ups is invaluable. He is a former Yale World Fellow as well as an award-winning wine maker.

Clinical researchers, programmers and game developers all working together.

Headed by Prof. Moshe Bar, Hedonia’s clinical research team works side by side with our development team of leading designers, programmers and gaming experts to create games that can help relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety, all while being a lot of fun to play.

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