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FTP is a new and innovative approach to mental health treatment.

Facilitating Thought ProgressionTM is a new and innovative approach to mental health treatment.

The product of more than twenty years of research, FTP was developed by a team led by neuroscientist Moshe Bar, then at Harvard Medical school. FTP is based on the fact that mental disorders are accompanied by thought disorders such as rumination, a cyclical and repetitive pattern of rigid thinking. FTP seeks to disrupt and break these patterns.

In the mental health field, therapies range from cognitive, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), to pharmaceutical treatments. Hedonia’s FTP introduces a new complementary approach to existing therapies that combines the best of both worlds, with the potential to powerfully impact the brain’s neural activity using cognitive tools.

Of Americans will experience a mental illness in a given year.
Of mental health issues are related to depression and anxiety.
Of adults with mental illness do not receive treatment.


“I really enjoyed my first day playing Hedonia’s app! I was in a really depressive slump for quite a while, and while I wasn’t expecting this app to make a difference in how I feel, it really did! After a few weeks of play, I’m smiling and don’t feel I’m stuck in a rainstorm now. Thank you so much for this!”

Female, 47, Pennsylvania

“I am very excited to be part of this process. In the sake of disclosure, I am not only a person who has clinical depression, I am also a social worker and I was really excited to read about the concept behind FTP I felt it could be a great tool to use in my clinic.”

Male, 51, Iowa

“I downloaded the app 6 weeks ago and started playing the games. They were so engaging, that it made it really fun to play. I am feeling so much better these days.”

Female, 49, Indiana

"This game has done wonders for me and I'm absolutely going to continue using it if I'm able! Thank you all for including me in the study and to whomever designed it. My life has been and continues to be a dumpster fire but I am not even close to as depressed as I was the first time I talked to you."

Male, 45, Massachusetts

Every one of us here is all in.

We are one team with one clear mission: to help people who suffer from depression and anxiety. We’re doing this through a novel app that complements existing therapies and helps patients self manage their depression and anxiety symptoms in a fun and engaging gaming experience.



Disclaimer: Mood Bloom and Moodville are made available pursuant to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Current Enforcement Discretion Policy for Digital Health Devices for Psychiatric Disorders. These devices are intended for patients aged 18 years and older who suffer from mild to moderate depression and anxiety. MoodBloom and Moodville have not been cleared by the FDA for these indications. Hedonia’s app is in the process of a clinical trial that has not been completed yet and may therefore have unknown benefits and risks. Patients should contact their medical provider prior to using Hedonia’s products. These apps may be used without a prescription as an adjunct to your medical care. Hedonia’s products should not be used solely, or be primarily relied upon, to treat your mild to moderate depression and anxiety. Hedonia’s app does not replace the treatment of your medical provider and is not a substitute for any medication.